allabroeksmit | Carnage Exhibition in New York City
Alla Broeksmit’s new exhibition features paintings, drawings and sculptures. Alla Broeksmit draws from a pool of references found in her own personal life, in poetry and art history.
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Carnage Exhibition in New York City

Carnage Exhibition in New York City

CARNAGE, Alla Broeksmit’s new exhibition features paintings, drawings and sculptures. Alla Broeksmit draws from a pool of references found in her own personal life, in poetry and art history. Utilizing vast and complex mediums, between paint and plaster, the figure is revealed through the process. Ranging in scale from postcards drawings, intimate paintings, large canvases, and mixed-media sculptural works, Alla Broeksmit’s examines the contemporary condition. She experiments with spatial relationships and the formal aspects of depth and color. These new two-dimensional works are distorting the conventional pictorial field by altering the depth of space in which the figures exist. Holding on to the intimacy of her palette and subject matter, she blends figuration and abstraction. Each carefully chosen color is reminiscent and intrinsically part of her identity. With a focus on self-portraiture, the artist is revealing herself. The inter-media sculptural works allows her to explore parts of her own body utilizing aspects of gestural abstraction. This new series is a reflection on a chaotic environment; forms are intertwined, combining a rough surface with soft and pastel colors. Carnage is presenting a new dialogue between her paintings, her drawings and her sculptures. Subdued and seductive, the sculptures made with plaster, paint, and fabrics become their own individual characters, they inform the paintings and drawings. Created through various techniques, the works on paper and layered monotypes hold a close connection to the sculptural works.


She invites the viewer to acknowledge a visceral insight into our socio-cultural surrounding while revealing her own and unique emotional experience of the world.


A. Broeksmit is currently in the Master Program (MFA) in painting at the New York Studio School, studying in the atelier of artist and Dean of the school; Graham Nickson. “The emergence of a vital vision of a new artist is always appealing and always special. Alla is emerging with vibrant color, space and imagery combined with wit and seriousness,” said Graham Nickson, Dean of New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.


Opening reception was held on Friday April 1, 2016 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Exhibition continues until Friday April 8, 2016 at NYSS, 8 W 8th St, New York, Ny 10011, by appointment only. In addition those whom attended the opening reception were able to see the artists’ installation and poem collaboration with Poet Stella Hayes, and sister.


A Poem Entitled Carnage
By Stella Hayes (American poet) March 2016, New York.

She asked me to write
About carnage
Which is also
The title of her school art opening
Closely defined
The killing of a large number of people
As in a battle
Fought by men & women who
Either enlist or are drafted to fight for a cause
For a sovereign or a rogue state


This is what we know
We are non-pros
We didn’t enlist
Were recruited
Into a battle
Of his unmaking


A self-slaughtering of one
Instantly becoming an expelled
Breath of many
We swept the pavement
With shared skin
As exiles not
As warriors

The dictionary’s definition
Of carnage
Is the left-behind
A catastrophic event
Man-made or god’s


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Carnage, NYC Exhibition 2016


April 1, 2016